The Cyber Security Market

The Internet is infinite, but still growing every day. It has given rise to new opportunities in every field imaginable, be it business, entertainment, education or otherwise. Our entire lives have been neatly packaged and uploaded in a digital version of ourselves. All our personal data, our friends and families, our likes and dislikes, even our financial history and current data are stored in invisible packets in the vast openness of the world wide web. For our own ease of access, we have digitalized our entire businesses, where we prefer to store even the most sensitive information in these packets, all our trade secrets, our financial data, our vulnerabilities and our opportunities.

The internet has been a boon and an inseparable partner in our modern lives, but it has its own disadvantages as well. Criminals are now faceless and seemingly traceless. The bigger weapon now is not a gun, but a keyboard. From malicious codes to Trojans to phishing and organized crimes (data theft, DoS, DDoS) are the new threats we face everyday. The new criminal hides in the Deep Web, without a face or a name, waiting, only but a keystroke away.
Forbes estimated the size of the cyber security market to be at USD 77 billion at the end of 2015 with a projected growth to USD 170 billion by 2020. The market is potentially huge and growing every day. At the end of 2015, it was estimated by both PwC and Forbes that cyber crime is costing the business USD 400 to USD 500 million annually, and that estimate excludes the large number of unreported crimes. Banking and Financial Services industry is the fastest growing non-government cyber security market, as they are the first targets of persons with hostile intentions.

TrustWave’s 2015 Global Security Report found that 98% of tested web applications, from online payment gateways to e-commerce sites, were vulnerable to attacks and PwC claims, in their Global State of Information Security Survey, that 75% of directors in major firms and banks are not actively involved in reviewing security and privacy risks.

The threat is very real and the danger of coming under attach is imminent. Beetles has been created with the sole purpose of warding off these criminals, safeguarding the clients’ data, both personal and professional from such attacks, ensuring that no Revenue Impact or Business Impact befall the client. Taking The Hacker's Approach, Beetles gets into the attacker's mind, thinking the way they think, outsmarting them, staying a few steps ahead. The Red Team at Beetles has been structured and molded in such a fashion, always vigilant, always protecting. They are strong, versatile and sharp, like the tip of a dagger!

Mohammed Muqeet Halim

Entrepreneur, Investor, Industrialist..... Cyber Security enthusiast.

Dhaka, Bangladesh